5th Grade Memory Book - Pictures Due March 1st

In June, a milestone will occur as our 5th graders wave goodbye to their elementary school careers and move on to their time as middle schoolers.  One of the traditions at Salford Hills that marks this momentous occasion is a celebration of their time at this wonderful school.  During this time each child is handed their own copy of the 5th Grade Memory Book, a yearbook of sorts.
The 5th Grade Memory Book will give each child a pictorial history of their time at Salford Hills.  In order to have this book be as special as possible, we need help from every family.
We are looking for any and all candid pictures, of our now 5th graders, from school functions that you may have captured over the past six years.  While we cannot use them all we want to make sure all the children are represented.
In addition, if your child did not attend Salford Hills Elementary in their kindergarten year we ask that you provide a picture of your child from that year.
Lastly, this year we are planning something unique for the memory book and ask that each family provide a Message to Our 5th Graders.  This is a quote or message from you to your child/children that will be placed in a special section of the book.  Please, no more than 3 lines.
Please send all pictures (in jpeg form) and Message to Our 5th Graders to shmemorybook@gmail.com no later than March 1st.  Please be sure to identify the name of child, event, and grade.  If you have any issues uploading or sending pictures, please email (at the email above) as it will be checked regularly.  We can work with anyone who may have standard prints versus digital images.
Thank you in advance for your help in making this memory for your child.
5th Grade Memory Book Team,
Erin Richter, Gretchen Berry, and Debbie Karns