Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Hello, SH Families

We’re excited about opening school tomorrow. It will be good to have children in our building again and moving forward with the business of learning. After a long summer, it’s time!

The purpose of this communication is to review arrival and dismissal procedures in the hope of a smooth opening this week. Please reference the following information:

Riding the Bus


  • Transportation Services (TSI) will arrive at every stop regardless of your child’s cohort. Students should wear a face covering at all times.
  • Once arriving at school, students will be greeted by multiple adults who will help guide them to specific locations; up the stairs and through the main entrance for Kindergarten and First Grade students and through the cafeteria doors for Second through Fifth Grade students.
  • Once in the school, homeroom teachers will help guide students to their specific rooms.


  • Buses will arrive and park along the bus lane.
  • The office will begin calling buses around 3:20, dismissing in series of three. Students should listen carefully for their bus number.
  • All students will enter into the cafeteria and exit through the doors to the platform. Once on the platform, students should look for their bus number and enter the bus. In the beginning of the year, extra adults will be on the platform to assist students.
  • We hope that bus dismissal ends by 3:45 daily.

Car Riding at SH

AM Arrival

  • Drop-off Doors open at 8:30.
  • When you drive through the main entrance, please observe the stop sign in the front parking lot and any buses which may be exiting from the bus lane. Please do not block the bus lane if cars are wrapped around the building.
  • We'd like to have five cars unload at one time. If you are between the orange cones, it is safe for your child to get out of the car (passenger side) and walk to the drop-off entrance. If you are at the front of the line, pull all the way to the upper cone.
  • Exit by looping around the upper parking lot, bear right at the side parking lot and drive to the stop sign before arriving at the school's exit.

PM Dismissal

  • We'll begin dismissing car riders at 3:15 in three waves organized alphabetically. Names at the beginning of the alphabet will be called first: 3:15 (A-G), 3:20 (H-P), 3:25 (Q-Z).
  • At this time, parents must sign out their child(ren). We'll attempt to reserve spaces in the side parking lot nearest the drop-off doors. If possible, please keep the driveway clear.
  • Sign-out will be outside except for inclement weather.
  • Be careful of pedestrians who are walking to board parked cars.

If the number of car riders becomes overwhelming creating a safety hazard, we may need to rethink our plan and resort to another method. Stay tuned.

Kindergarten Families

Please reference the Arrival and Dismissal Procedures in the latest edition of The Wednesday Message.

Let’s celebrate our new year together! With patience and understanding along with the kindness and respect that is so much a part of our experience as a Salford Hills family, we look to this week being the first of many fantastic weeks at your neighborhood school. Together we are strong, and we are so for each other and our children. Thank you for your continued support and positivity as we walk the journey.


Dave Purnell, Ed.D.
Principal, Salford Hills Elem. School