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Lip Sync - March 22nd

The Salford Hills Lip Sync will be held Friday, March 22 from 6:30-8:30p.m. at Indian Crest Middle School.

The Lip Sync is a Souderton tradition. It is an opportunity for students to showcase talents of lip sync and dancing for 90 seconds of their favorite (school appropriate) song. Students participate with groups of their choice or as brave individuals! They create routines to their favorite songs and showcase their talents on stage while families and friends cheer them on. It is a fun-filled and entertaining evening! Get your groups ready and start brainstorming songs and routines!

All participants will need to be registered for this event. Please complete the Lip Sync Sign Up and Song Google Form by Friday, Feb. 16.

If you are interested in helping to volunteer with this event, please complete the Lip Sync Volunteer Help Google Form.

Please e-mail any questions or concerns to Thank you!